The Story

quote by haley

Many people who make cakes for a living will tell you that they started baking from a very young age. While I have many memories baking in the kitchen each holiday season with my Mom I cannot say this is the reason I chose this career. Growing up I excelled in arts and crafts. Imagining led to designing and then to creating. I am an artist and have always considered myself one.

Upon graduating college with a degree in business, I moved to Chicago and began working downtown at a marketing research firm working only the left side of my brain in a cubicle for three years. From day one, I yearned for something more. I knew I wanted a career that I was passionate about and fulfilling. I enrolled at the prestigious French Pastry School and I never looked back. A couple of internships later, I worked my way up and managed the top cake shop in the city. I honed my skills and learned as much as I could about the industry and cake design. It was at this shop where my vision and dream for Heartsweet Cakes began to take shape and now, into a reality.

Heartsweet Cakes. Named after my amazingly supportive Husband who calls me his, “Heartsweet”. The foundation of Heartsweet is built on love and the importance of celebrating it.