• Where are you located?

    Heartsweet Cakes is a home-based business licensed by the city of Phoenix and holds permits through the Arizona Department of Health Services. Heartsweet Cakes also maintains a current food handler’s card issued by Maricopa County and is insured. Documentation provided to event venues upon request.

  • How much will my cake cost?

    Here at Heartsweet Cakes I don’t just make cake, I make edible art. Each custom cake design is priced independently based on the number of servings and the amount of time that goes into crafting each detail of the cake design itself. Cakes are priced by the slice and average pricing ranges from $8.00-$13.00 per serving. This means that if you have 100 guests expect to pay somewhere between $800.00-$1,300.00. I take into account the number of servings, complexity of the cake design elements, and the total amount of time the cake will take from start to finish. The larger your guest count, and the more intricate and time consuming your cake design, the higher the price will be. I currently have a minimum order of $500.

  • What goes into the price of a Heartsweet Cake?

    I offer a full cake design service. The price per slice reflects the total time, effort, attention to detail, education and professional industry experience, knowledge of recipes and quality of ingredients, unique design ideas and the capability of executing these ideas; not just the cost of making a mediocre final product.

  • There are many talented cake decorators in the area, what makes Heartsweet Cakes different?

    There certainly are many cake shops to choose from! Heartsweet Cakes is a small shop that focuses all of its time solely on cakes, just cakes, and nothing else. Much time and attention is spent on your cake and therefore you can relax, trust and know that you will receive a premium quality product.

  • How far in advance should I schedule a tasting and book my cake order?

    Due to the time and attention that goes into the Heartsweet Cake Process, contact me at least 6 months prior to your event to ensure availability. It is not uncommon to book one year in advance and it is helpful to have some of your details in place before we meet and design your cake.

  • What is your payment policy?

    A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your order and date; the remaining 50% is due 3 weeks prior to your event. Your order is not confirmed until I have received your signed contract and 50% non-refundable deposit. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. Cake orders placed with less than 3 weeks notice require payment in full by cash or credit card at the time of signing the contract and are non-refundable. A tasting and design consultation requires a $40 deposit payable by credit card and the $40 deposit will then be deducted from the final cost of your cake.

  • I see your Gallery consists of all wedding cakes; do you make other event cakes?

    Definitely! In fact, I can create almost anything out of cake! From your favorite designer handbag, wine bottle, your dream sports car, a guitar, an animal, you name it! Please contact Heartsweet Cakes for more information.

  • Where are your tasting/design consultations held?

    From being a bride once myself, I understand how much work goes into planning your big event and so I will bring my tasting to you! I find it best to meet after your food tasting at your event venue or at your favorite coffee shop; whichever is the most convenient for you.

  • I have a particular cake in mind that I found on the Internet can you replicate it for me?

    Due to the artistic nature of the cake industry, I respect the original cake designer and feel that copying their work is unprofessional. I believe that a cake from Heartsweet Cakes should be customized to fit the unique event of each of my clients. I can, however, use a cake design found on the Internet as inspiration and customize it for your unique event. In fact, I encourage you to show me several cake images you like so I can get a better feel at your aesthetic taste and wants.

  • Why are sugar flowers so expensive and what does it take to make them?
    Should I just use real flowers on my cake?

    Yes, sugar flowers are expensive. Sugar flowers take days to make and there are many steps involved. Each sugar flower is hand made, colored and dusted to create the realism of each individual bloom. Some sugar flowers cost more than others due to the length of time to make them, as well as the quantity of flowers that are adorning the cake, and the level of difficulty and intricacy of the flower itself. While fresh flowers are beautiful, you have to be cautious when placing them into a cake that will be served to your guests. Yes, there are some flowers that are not toxic. Unless the flower is organically grown, the flower may have been sprayed with pesticides that can be harmful to your guests. Not to mention, fresh flowers have an expiration date. When stored properly, a sugar flower can last for many, many years. Imagine having a constant reminder from your beautiful wedding day displayed in your home for years to come!

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, in fact, all of my cakes are delivered. This is the best way to ensure they arrive safely at your event location and are setup properly. Delivery prices start at $50 in the Phoenix area and are calculated by the total distance traveled and the length of the onsite setup time.

  • I am having a destination wedding in Phoenix and I want you to make my wedding cake.
    Can you work with me?

    Absolutely! Let’s set up a video or a phone chat. No matter where you are, my process is rooted in great communication and a gorgeous final product.

  • Do you make Groom’s cakes?

    Yes! Groom’s cakes are available if they accompany a wedding cake made by Heartsweet Cakes. Please contact Heartsweet Cakes for more information.

  • How do you address food allergies?

    All cakes, fillings, and buttercreams are made in a kitchen that uses products that may contain or come in contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy or other potential food allergens. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify event guests and any other necessary parties of this risk.

  • What kind of frostings do you use?

    All of Heartsweet Cakes are frosted in homemade buttercream and then covered in a very thinly rolled sheet of Swiss fondant. You get the best of both worlds, the flavor and texture of a buttercream cake and one that can be highly decorated. The intricacies of my designs require the use of fondant because of the added design elements. Do not be put off by other bakeries' less than favorable review of fondant. I have tried fondants from all over the world, and found this one to be by far the best in flavor and texture. It costs much more than domestic fondants and I would not use any product that would compromise the taste of your cake.