Pop Fizz Clink

September 24

One month ago, I was approached by the incredible Some Like it Classic wedding design team to be the featured cake vendor at a special event they were hosting for The Knot at the Arizona Biltmore.  The cocktail party was to celebrate the launch of The Knot’s new website and I was humbled and honored to be asked to contribute.

The idea was to design three cakes to be put on display as “art”.  I was given a vision board, put together by the amazing Amina Garrison, owner of Some Like It Classic, to give me some inspiration and she told me to “do what I do”.  As an artist, I always need some kind of inspiration before I design.  Sometimes all I need is one small detail to inspire an entire cake.  After seeing the vision board I immediately began designing.  The three cakes were inspired by the event’s theme, color pallet, and the overall look and feel of the vision board.  Many, many, many hours and days went into these three cakes and it was rewarding to put them on display for The Knot.

A big THANK YOU to Amina, and the Some Like It Classic team for this opportunity, the Arizona Biltmore for holding the event, The Knot, and the extremely talented vendors that also contributed to a fantastic cocktail party.  Many champagne bottles were popped, connections made, and delicious food and desserts were consumed.  I not only woke up with a smile yesterday but I ended with one…a BIG one!

Here are a few photographs of the three cakes, sugar details, and some swag from the event itself.













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